Welcome to Yums & Mums!

Welcome to Yums & Mums!

We are so happy to have you and hope you follow along our journey of becoming modern day homemakers while juggling the corporate life. Let us introduce ourselves before we tell you a little about the inception of this blog.


Hi friends, my name is Morgan! I’m a Georgia girl; however, my mom was born in the U.K. so British foods are my comfort foods (bring on the baked beans). My husband and I have been married for 2 years and we just adopted the craziest Goldendoodle puppy named Zeke. During the day, I work in technology for a large corporation. When I started work full time, I was looking for an outlet to help me decompress from the day – here enters baking! I hope you’ll join me for both the successes and failures (there will definitely be both) as I try to channel my inner Joanna Gaines in decorating, baking and cooking.  – M


Hey y’all! I’m Katie, the other half of Yums & Mums! I was also born and raised in Georgia, and I love the small town life. I graduated as an Environmental Engineer two years ago and got married last year! I work in the power industry, but my heart lies with plants and desserts. There’s nothing more rewarding to me than picking some strawberries from your own garden and whipping up your own jam. My grandma basically lives by this principle, and my mom has a huge garden, so I’ve got some work to put in to fill their shoes. – K

Yums & Mums

As we graduated from college and became working gals, we both took to spending more time cultivating our hobbies. We have spent countless hours these past couple years fumbling through difficult baking techniques, figuring out why a recipe with thousands of 5 star reviews doesn’t actually taste good, urging our herbs to grow, and making batches upon batches of just decent buttercream frosting. We have often discussed with each other tips and tricks we’ve discovered or doctored up box cake recipes that earn the title “best cake I’ve ever eaten.” So, that is where this blog idea originated. We wanted to 1) continue to develop our hobbies into skills and do the things we love and 2) hopefully help some people in a similar position through our mishaps. Join us as we share shortcut baking recipes, tried and true recipes, small space gardening tips, and any failures along the way!



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