Spiced Pumpkin Bread by Baking with Josh & Ange

Spiced Pumpkin Bread by Baking with Josh & Ange

It’s maybe worth noting that I’m a HUGE fan of breads of all kinds. And when I say “breads”, I really mean “cake loaves”. I truly think that if you are a novice baker, it’s hard to go wrong with a good sweet bread recipe. I stumbled along this recipe via my favorite podcast (shoutout to Office Ladies), where Angela Kinsey was talking about her baking page, Baking with Josh and Ange. It is a GEM and they have tons of great stuff. I made this recipe for the Fall season and it was perfect. It’s a traditional pumpkin loaf with a spicy twist. 


Couple of notes from my baking…

  • I didn’t have cloves in my pantry at the time, so I left that out. It tasted great! If there are spices listed here that you aren’t a fan of, there are so many other yummy flavors, it’s hard to notice the one missing.
  • This recipe makes 2 full loaves (and they have variations for mini loaves). I opted for 2 larger loaves, and froze one for my in-laws coming several weeks later. This bread should freeze well for between 3 and 6 months. It was definitely a favorite of their’s too!
  • Since this bread is so moist, definitely be ginger with it when moving/ turning it out. It’s very easy to tear it apart. 

Please let me know how it goes for you! This one will not disappoint.


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