Mason Jar Herbs

Mason Jar Herbs

Have you ever thought of growing some plants of your own but don’t know where to start? The answer is right here. Herbs are resilient and very low maintenance. This garden project is a great ease into gardening and adds a cute touch to any patio or counter space.


Mason Jars

I got a 12 pack of 1 quart jars from Target, but at this time of year they are everywhere. I’d suggest the quart size as it’s just right for a small plant. Unfortunately, I think this size is only sold in 12 packs, but if you save some of those jars, in a couple weeks I’ll show you how to make jelly. You could also use a different type of small container, but I love using Mason Jars because you can see water level and root activity through them. Takes a lot of the guess work out of it!


At this time of year, I’d suggest starting with a baby plant instead of seed. Unless you’re growing cilantro… Cilantro grows like a weed (heh). But seriously, if you do start from seed, be prepared to not be able to harvest your herbs for months. You can buy baby plants from Lowe’s or Home Depot or your local nursery. I bought rosemary, oregano, and basil.

Small Pebbles

You need pebbles for drainage in your Mason Jar. I literally picked up a couple handfuls of pebbles outside to use. You don’t need to buy the vase fillers or anything.

Dirt (Optional)

You may or may not need extra dirt. The container my oregano came in was pretty big, so I was able to use the leftover dirt to fill the other two Mason Jars. You always have the option to fill the Mason Jar up with more rocks, too, if your jar isn’t full after you’ve inserted the plant and you don’t want to go buy soil. If you decide to use seed, you will absolutely need to buy soil.


This is not a necessity and is simply for decoration.


Gather all your materials. In your Mason Jars, fill about a quarter of the way with pebbles. Add about an inch or two of extra dirt above the pebbles. Gently remove the plants from their containers and loosen the roots if they are taught. Insert the plants into their Mason Jar, and add dirt around the plants if needed (you want your jar to be packed full of dirt). Insert the plant tab that is stuck in the dirt in the container you bought the herb in to your jar. Water your plant. Cut twine about 2 feet long. Wrap around the neck of your jar and tie in a bow.


Water your herbs moderately everyday. Keep your herbs in full to part sun, depending on the specific herb. If you have a spot in your kitchen that gets good light, you can keep your herbs indoors. The sunlight needs should be listed on the plant tab. Prune your plant regularly by trimming your plant above a set of growing leaves. Harvest leaves before they flower or your plant will go to seed. Check back in a few weeks to see what to do with leftover herbs (like drying and freezing).

Hope this shows you how manageable it is to grow your own herbs. Happy gardening!



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