How I Bought My Patio Decor for $350!

How I Bought My Patio Decor for $350!

Hi friends! Today, we are talking bargain patio furniture/ decor. My husband and I bought a house earlier this year and are so fortunate to have a great deck/ outdoor space. We were eager to have friends over (especially social distancing/ sitting outside); however, I was super overwhelmed in trying to decorate the space on a budget. Maybe you’re in the same boat as me? Or maybe you’re redecorating a space on a budget? Here are some of my favorite finds…


Instead of buying more expensive furniture and then not having much money left to spend on other things, I opted for cheaper patio furniture options and spruced them up with decor.

My first purchase was a conversation set from Wayfair (link here). I chose this one because it had a lot of good reviews on Wayfair and I was able to snag it for $150 during one of Wayfair’s outdoor set sales. One other note is that I had a 10% off coupon that I was sent in the mail; however, you can usually find similar coupon codes online.

I will say… As I’ve used this furniture set, I’ve been less happy with it. The table came slightly damaged in the mail and the cracks have rusted as they’ve sat outside in the rain. Also, the chairs seem to trap water, rust, and then the orange water leaks out – which has stained our deck. This definitely wouldn’t be an issue if you were using this set on grass, concrete, or a brown-stained deck, but I haven’t been super thrilled with how it’s looked on our light grey deck stain.

Another furniture purchase I made was 2 “recline-able” folding chairs from Walmart (link here). They were $58 each, but I’ve been really happy with them! They do tend to hold water in the “cushions” so just be careful if you sit on it after a storm (it can be a bit deceiving). My only complaint here is that I think these 2 chairs should’ve been a bit cheaper, I’m not sure they are worth their $58 price tag.

I may buy some additional chairs for the deck and if so, I’ll probably opt for these chairs from Walmart (link here) as they are a bit cheaper – $30! I’ve seen a similar chair at Home Depot as well for $19.99 (link here), but these don’t come in black.


This was the fun part! I started out with purchasing 4 pillows from the Pottery Barn Outlet in Dawsonville, GA. These were a bit on the pricier side, but I had some points. They ended up being $35 for 4 pillows (which I know is cheating a bit). However! The PB Outlet has some great deals on furniture/ decor. Next, I purchased 2 more pillows (“Early Bird”/ “Night Owl”) from T.J. Maxx for $25.

My final purchase was the indoor/ outdoor rug from Martha Stewart Home. I also found this at T.J. Maxx for $50! I really thought this pulled the whole look together and brightened up the dark black furniture.

Have you found some great deals on patio furniture? I would love to hear in the comments/ on our Instagram @yumsandmums!


One thought on “How I Bought My Patio Decor for $350!

  1. This is an excellent article by an intelligent and, may I say, beautiful young lady, whom I am privileged to know. Good job, and good advice!


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