My Take on DoubleTree’s Signature Cookies

My Take on DoubleTree’s Signature Cookies

If you’ve been following “cookie news”, you know that DoubleTree finally released their sacred chocolate chip cookie recipe this summer (maybe the 1 benefit COVID-19 has had on the world). These warm goodies have been a symbol of hospitality at DoubleTree and I couldn’t WAIT to try them! Would these cookies really live up to the hype?

Recipe from my Food Network Magazine

In short, here are some thoughts…

  • First… These cookies are DELICIOUS. They definitely have more depth than a standard chocolate chip cookie (with ingredients like walnuts and oats), but they definitely lived up to the hype in my mind.
  • This recipe is involved. To be honest… I rarely bake chocolate chip cookies from scratch because the “break and bake” Nestle Toll House Cookies are so dang good (and so dang easy). All that to say… for me to make cookies from scratch, they have to really be something special. This cookie is a lot of work, but I do think it’s worth the extra effort if you are bringing cookies for an event/ have a cookie exchange over the holiday’s/ etc. However, my recommendation is to stick to your “break and bakes” on weeknights.
  • I will say… These cookies tasted eerily close to the ones I’ve eaten at a DoubleTree Hotel. If you like me and are in awe of their cookies, this recipe is a solid replica.

Here are some thoughts on the recipe itself…

  • I loved that they instructed you to really whip the batter before adding the dry ingredients. I think this resulted in the cookies being really moist. Honestly, when sharing them with friends, I had a hard time keeping from crumbling when passing them out.
  • This recipe has a LOT of walnuts and chocolate chips. I decided to just use 1 12oz bag of semi sweet chocolate chips, and I thought that was plenty. As for the walnuts, you probably could just add 1 cup and that would be perfect. I ended up adding close to 2 cups (like instructed) and each bite has a 50/50 balance of chocolate and walnuts. It really just depends on how much you like walnuts!
  • My biggest tip on this recipe is…. DO NOT scoop dough that’s 3 tablespoons worth and then put them 2 inches apart. See my picture below for what that resulted in for me. Total disaster.
  • Lastly, my cookies ended up very flat (the dough spread a lot). After talking to some friends and doing some googling, I think I could’ve avoided this by chilling and/or freezing the dough before I baked them and freezing the cookie sheet. Sally’s Baking Addition has some good tips for how to prevent flat cookies here.

Hope you enjoy these cookies as much as we did!


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