Apple Spice Bread

Apple Spice Bread

It feels like Fall! Well… I’ll say, I finally pulled my sweaters out for this crazy Georgia weather this weekend. This weather made me even more eager to bake lots of Fall-themed goodies!

After my post last week about my banana bread with… “opportunities” :), I decided to try one of the Fall breads I linked in the post. I used this recipe (Apple Fritter Mini Loaves) from Baking with Josh and Ange!

Couple initial thoughts…

  • I love following their recipes! They have great instructions/ pictures/ videos that make the recipes easy to follow.
  • I don’t have a pan of mini loaves like they did in the recipe, so I just baked all of the ingredients in a single 9×5 bread pan.
  • There is a local farm/ bakery near us that sells a similar bread to this; however, I always feel like the texture of theirs is a bit dry. I was pleasantly surprised that this bread was NOT dry! The sour cream/ buttermilk really help with the moist texture.
  • This recipe is PERFECT if you are in the mood for something that feels/ smells/ tastes like Fall.
  • However, this recipe was a bit involved. I wouldn’t say it’s technically complicated, but involves a lot of steps, ingredients, and dishes (which my husband loves… ha). For this reason, I’m assigning a Rookie Rating of 3 or 4 out of 5.

Here are some notes from baking…

  • The first step involves cooking spiced apples on the stove. At this point, I wanted to call the recipe quits and just eat the apples – they smelled SO good! However, I persevered for the sake of you all (you’re welcome) and continued on with the recipe. I will say… I think I’m going to make homemade apple cider next week because of how good these smelled.
  • On the apple mixture… I didn’t have allspice, so I just used a little bit more nutmeg/ cinnamon/ ginger, and added cloves.
  • The next step involves mixing the brown sugar and cinnamon. Personally, I felt like this was a LOT of cinnamon. If I make this again, I will only probably use 1/2 a teaspoon here instead of 2 teaspoons. Disclaimer: I’m not a huge cinnamon fan.
  • Putting all the other dry/ wet ingredients together was pretty simple – I didn’t use a standing mixer, but mixed everything by hand with a spatula. Just beware, you’ll need 3 separate mixing bowls (bring on the dishes!).
  • Since I didn’t have the min loaf pan, I was putting all the ingredients into my 9×5 bread pan. This turned out pretty well! However… I wish I had created more layers than just 2. I think 2 is fine for the mini loaves, but this resulted in a large chunk of apples in the middle of my bread and no where else. Next time, I’ll probably separate out the batter/ brown sugar mixture/ spiced apples into 3 layers in the bread pan.
  • Since I had a large chunk of apples in the middle, it was VERY hard to know when this was done since my toothpick kept coming out gooey. I ended up baking it for ~53 minutes because of this and I think I over-baked it a touch.
  • On ^ this… Make sure you spread out your apples well, across the entire surface of the bread since mine clumped in the middle. I also think having 3 layers instead of 2 will help here.
  • The final touch was the glaze… This was fine. I don’t think I waited until it was quite cool enough for this to go on, since the glaze melted pretty quickly. Honestly, I think you could do without it. I think breads like this are best enjoyed warm, right out of the oven. If you wait for it to cool for the glaze, you miss that “right out of the oven” moment!

Overall, this was good if you are looking for Fall goodies/ activities, but maybe not something I’ll bake regularly. Would love to hear your experience too!

Happy baking!


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