Candy Bar Cookies

Candy Bar Cookies

This year was our first Halloween in our new home – which meant the stakes were high for making a good impression on the trick or treaters coming to our house. My husband insisted that we had ONE chance to answer an important question – what kind of candy would our house be known for?? Needless to say, a month before Halloween, my husband went to Costco and bought a big container of full size candy bars. Since there were only 15 or so bars in the box, I went to Costco and bought another large bag of fun sized candy (okay, I have to admit that I didn’t want to be the house that ran out of candy). But by the time Halloween night came… We were ready.

If you were taking bets on how many trick or treaters we ended up getting… The answer is two. Two families stopped by. Total. The whole night. We were all set up outside with our lawn chairs and candy 6 feet apart, only to be very disappointed.

The best and worst thing to come out of this was… We had a LOT of leftover Halloween Candy! What better to do than make cookies?

Thoughts from baking…

  • I started with this recipe since it looked like a good chocolate chip cookie recipe! It ended up being pretty easy and delicious – but beware! This recipe makes 40 COOKIES. Next time, I will probably half it.
  • Outside of this recipe, I swapped the chocolate chip cookies for mashed up candy bars. I used a 6-7 full sized candy bars total and it was perfect. I unwrapped my candy bars, put them in a gallon bag and mashed them until they were crushed into little pieces. I used a mix of milk chocolate, Reese’s, and Kit Kats. My only regret is that I wish I had M&M’s because that would’ve made my cookies look really colorful. I have seen people use candy corn or gummies, but chocolate seemed like the best way to go.
  • I didn’t put the full amount of sea salt in as I noticed the recipe said people complained about it being too salty. Since the chocolate you are putting in is so sweet (and not semi-sweet chips like the recipe initially calls for), I might go a little heavier on the salt next time.
  • My dough was very dry at the end once I had mixed all of my flour. I ended up adding a splash of milk which seemed to soften it up just a bit so the dough was easier to spoon out onto the cookie sheet
  • The recipe warns to not over bake these – she was right! I pulled mine out of the oven at right around 9 minutes and they were perfect – nice and gooey after cooling on the pan. I waited until I saw a little brown around the bottom edges to pull them out.

These cookies were delicious and a great way to use your leftover candy. Happy baking!


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