How to Dry Flowers

How to Dry Flowers

Recently, I found myself with a beautiful arrangement of flowers I just could not bring myself to throw away. They were beautiful, but also sentimental. I’ve pressed flowers before, but to be honest, I have no idea where those ended up. So this time, I decided to try drying the flowers out, so I could continue to use them as a bouquet for decoration. Now that I’ve seen how simple it is to do this, I will probably have my entire house decorated with dried florals before long!

  1. Remove leaves from the flower stems.
  2. Gather your flowers into smaller bunches.
  3. Tie twine or wrap rubber bands around your bunches. You do not want to have this so tight it will leave a mark on the flower, but if you use twine, keep in mind that your flowers will shrink as they dry. If you use twine, leave a length of the string to tie the bunch up to hang. If you use rubber bands, attach twine or string to the rubber band to tie the bunch up to hang.
  4. Tie the flowers up to hang in a dry place. I hung mine in my laundry closet (pictured below), but you could use a pantry, a closet, etc.
  5. Let the flowers hang for three to four weeks. You should be able to tell by touch when they have dried out.
  6. Spray your dried flowers generously with hair spray to avoid breakage.
  7. Arrange to your liking. Note: When arranging, you will make a mess. Be prepared!

Voila! Super simple and a great way to decorate for fall. Also, opening my laundry closet and seeing these guys was a nice perk.

Hope you enjoy your dried florals and perhaps the memories that accompany them for years to come.



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