DIY Beeswax Candles

DIY Beeswax Candles

This past summer, I got a whim to learn how to make candles. My uncle keeps bees, and I mentioned to my mom that I would use the beeswax if they didn’t. Well one day when I was at my Grandma’s house, my uncle walked in with two tubs of beeswax! You’d think I was a kid on Christmas morning. I promptly bought all the things I needed to get ready to make my own candles.

Fast forward SIX MONTHS and I finally did it! It was way easier than I expected and if I come into some beeswax this summer I definitely won’t wait so long!

What You’ll Need

Beeswax (I used 4 cups)

Coconut oil (I used 1 cup)

Essential oils

Wicks and wick stabilizer (like clothespins)


Double boiler or heat safe dish


Prepare your jars – remove all lids and place wicks in center of the bottom, using clothespins to secure. Line them up near the stove with wax paper or aluminum foil underneath for easy cleanup.

Bring water to boil in large pot and place a heat safe dish (such as a Pyrex 4 cup measuring cup) in the center. You could also use a double boiler.

Filter your beeswax if unfiltered. I got mine from my uncle, so I needed to filter it. Do this by melting it in a saucepan and pouring into prepared heat proof dish (Pyrex dish from above step) over a small strainer.

Rinse your sauce pan used to melt your beeswax and melt your coconut oil in it. Once melted, pour the coconut oil into the Pyrex dish with the beeswax. Mix the wax and oil together and add 1-2 small jars of the essential oil you prefer.

Quickly pour your wax into prepared jars as it will cook quickly. If wick has shifted upon pouring the wax, immediately arrange it back to the correct position and secure with clothespin.


If you get beeswax on your jars, try to clean it off immediately!

Start this process with a clean sink so you do not get wax on other dishes. Rinse/wash your dishes immediately after use.

Let your candles harden for at least an hour and cut your wick a quarter inch above the top of the candle.

Beeswax does not hold scent very well, but the coconut oil should help. Do not expect these ca does to throw scent like Bath & Body Works.

While I got beeswax from my uncle, you could buy filtered beeswax from Amazon. I also bought my wicks from Amazon.

If you’re into DIY, you gotta try this one!



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