Edible Cookie Dough

Edible Cookie Dough

Since I love cookies so much, I thought it was about time to try edible cookie dough! I used this recipe in the Chocolate Chocolate Chunk and the Funfetti Cookie Dough. It was very yummy, but to be honest it still felt a bit weird eating cookie dough! I guess I’ll have to keep trying it to get it through my head it’s safe 😉

I only have a couple of notes, as this was very simple to master:

– I added a pinch more salt to the chocolate chocolate chunk. Otherwise it will be too sweet.

– The dough will be less firm than regular cookie dough. Once you refrigerate it, it will firm up.

– You can microwave the flour to heat treat it. Microwave in 15 second intervals 5 times. If you do this way, I recommend sifting the flour afterwards.

– It is imperative to mix the ingredients exactly according to the directions. Heat treated flour is a little harder to incorporate.

– Be very careful not to add too much almond extract in the Funfetti Sugar Cookie. It is an overwhelming flavor!

– Have fun with the sprinkles! I already had red sprinkles on hand so I used those. They happened to turn my dough pink.

And that’s that! Have you tried edible cookie dough?



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