Last Minute Super Bowl Ideas

Last Minute Super Bowl Ideas

Happy Sunday! But not just any Sunday… Today is my husband’s favorite day of the year – it’s Super Bowl Sunday. If you’re like us, this day typically marks good food and time with friends. While this year looks a bit weird since we aren’t able to be with friends… Who says we can’t still have good food?!

I’m a little bit embarrassed by the amount of food Dylan and I are making just for the two of us, but we are really trying to make the best of a weird year! And since it’s just the two of us, I was looking for things that are really easy to make and things we could eat leftovers of. If you’re like us and still want to eat yummy, easy junk food (even if it’s just the two of you), you’re in the right place. I hope these ideas help you make your last minute grocery list before the game starts.


  • Pigs in a Blanket – This is SO easy to make! You can buy frozen ones, but they are typically a bit more expensive. I just bought 1 pack of little wieners from Hillshire Farms, 1 roll of Pillsbury crescent rolls, and made this recipe from Pillsbury. It was much cheaper and they were ready to eat in about 15-20 min!
  • Pretzels and Cheese – While I’m not brave enough yet to make homemade pretzels, I found this box in the freezer section. I also bought some nicer cheese dip from the refrigerated cheese section to dip them in. You could get even elevate this frozen treat by making some homemade honey mustard dip (like this one).
  • Buffalo Chicken Dip – Y’all know by now how much we love our “buff chick dip”. This is a staple for me on days like today. Check out this blog post for the recipe on how to make my husband’s “famous” dip.
  • Fruit Dip – Because we needed something “healthier” on this day of junk food… I quickly whipped up some cream cheese fruit dip. This is EASY to make (just make sure your cream cheese is at room temp before you whip it). All you’ll need is 1 block of cream cheese and 1 small container of marshmallow fluff. Check out this recipe here for more details – you can even add a container of Cool Whip for some extra sweetness. Our favorite fruits to dip are: strawberries, apples, and pineapple, but I love the idea of making “berry skewers” out of blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries too.

Main Course & Dessert

  • Pulled Pork Nachos – The star of the show today is going to be the pork loin that my husband has been smoking all morning. However, if you aren’t into that, I noticed my local grocery store had pulled pork ready-made at the deli. All you need to do here is add a layer of chips on a baking sheet and top with toppings (below). Then, turn your oven on broil for 5-10 minutes so that the cheese is fully melted and the toppings are crispy – voila! Here is what we are using…
    • Tostitos Scoops Chips (our favorite)
    • Homemade pulled pork with barbecue sauce
    • Black beans
    • Red onion (diced)
    • Jalapeño (sliced)
    • Cheese dip (bought from refrigerated cheese section)
    • Lettuce (to add after baking)
    • Sour cream (to add after baking)
  • Brownies & Ice Cream – As if we haven’t consumed enough calories yet… Y’all might hate me for this, but I have not been able to make brownies as good as these. Ghiradelli is doing it RIGHT. You’ll need oil and eggs (oh, and don’t forget the vanilla ice cream), but they are SO good and SO easy.

Hopefully this gave you some ideas for making a fun Super Bowl meal that is quick and easy! Now… Who is ready to watch Tom Brady win another ring? 🙂

Happy cooking!

One thought on “Last Minute Super Bowl Ideas

  1. Love your post! I read it to the family and we all laughed! We’re having some friends over (just 2 neighbors).
    Pigs in a blanket are always on our list! Main course is chili with all the toppings. Sides are Cheese stuffed mini buns, veggie tray and tossed salad, a Super bowl cookie cake and deep dish apple pie with vanilla ice cream. So much for the New Years resolutions! By the way we will be rooting for the Chiefs! Tom has too many rings!


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