Caramel Frosted Pound Cake

Caramel Frosted Pound Cake

I think I’ve been in a baking rut. Maybe I overdid it during the holidays, or I’m just busy at work right now. Either way, I couldn’t bare the sight of another cookie in my kitchen. I wanted to try something new, so when I happened upon this Southern Living recipe, I knew I wanted to try it. I’ve only made one pound cake before and happened to not even eat a slice. Besides that, I can probably count on one hand how many times I’ve eaten pound cake in my life!

Do you know why it is called pound cake? The original recipe called for one pound of each ingredient: flour, eggs, sugar, and butter. Pretty easy, huh? Apparently additional ingredients in the “true” pound cake such as flavorings are a hot topic. Might be interesting to throw one pound of the aforementioned ingredients together and see what happens.

The recipe was pretty straightforward, especially for the actual cake. I’ve listed my notes below.

  • I do not own a tube pan so I used two loaf pans and it worked out perfectly. I baked for the same amount of time and at the same temperature as suggested in the recipe.
  • I also do not own a candy thermometer. I do own a meat thermometer which is what I used for the frosting. My frosting set up nicely without the candy thermometer!
  • After heating the 1/4 cup of sugar to an amber color for the frosting, you are supposed to add it to the boiling milk mixture. I would suggest bringing the milk mixture to a boil first. By the time my sugar had turned an amber color, my butter had not melted completely into my milk. I poured in the amber sugar and it hardened like candy. Luckily, as the milk mixture boiled, the candy like sugar melted also. Ultimately, I think having the milk at a higher temperature and pouring the sugar more slowly would have stopped this from happening. Regardless, it did not affect the outcome of the frosting.
  • The recipe says to let your frosting cool for 20 minutes. Mine took at least 30 before it was thick enough to even think about putting on the cake. Even then it wasn’t thick enough to spread, just to pour.

Y’all. This recipe is going in my recipe box and I will definitely be making it again! Try this one out!



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