Cottontail Cookies

Cottontail Cookies

These cute little cookies are so fun to make and just as easy! You could whip up your own sugar cookie dough and frosting, or save time and use store bought. I went with store bought because the fun for me was in the design!


Sugar cookie dough

Vanilla frosting

Pink food coloring


Pink m&ms


Preheat your oven to 350F. If you use store bought sugar cookie dough, two squares makes the big cookie and one square makes the small cookie pictured above. One fourth of a square makes the foot. Divide and roll the squares into balls. Bake the foot pieces for 8 minutes and the bodies for 12 minutes.

Divide the frosting and add food coloring to half. Once cookies are cooled completely, frost all cookies, feet and bodies. Assemble the bunnies as pictured and garnish with marshmallows and m&ms. If you use regular m&ms, you won’t need to half them. I used mini egg m&ms, so I halved them to better fit on the cookies.

Happy Easter!



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