Strawberry Ice Box Pretzel Pie

Strawberry Ice Box Pretzel Pie

One of my favorite pastimes is browsing Southern Living dessert articles and texting myself links to recipes I want to try. Seriously, my whole text thread is recipe links. Most just sit there, but I couldn’t get this one for a Strawberry Ice Box Pretzel Pie out of my head! I’m so glad I tried it. It wasn’t too hard to make and it isn’t overly sweet. It’s a refreshing summery dessert and the pretzel crust pairs surprisingly well with the strawberry! My recipe notes are below.

1. I had enough pretzel mixture to make almost another pie. If you want, make about 2/3 of what the recipe calls for, for the crust. I used my Pyrex measuring cup to press my pie crust into the dish. To speed up the cooling time after baking, I stuck my pie in the freezer.

2. I do not own a food processor, so I just used my cheap blender to chop the strawberries. I ended up pureeing them, which did not affect the end result.

3. Be careful to keep an eye out while whipping your cream. I was on the brink of making butter because I turned away for too long! It should not take long to reach soft peaks while whipping the cream.

4. The amount of pie filling fit perfectly in my dish. I expected to have leftovers based on the amount of crust I was left with, but I used all the filling!

5. Once you have frozen it according to the recipe, the crust will be very hard to cut through. I let mine sit in the fridge for a bit and it made for a much smoother cut.

6. I did not whip more cream for a topping. The pie is delicious even without it.

7. It appears that this pie will “melt” as sits out, so I recommend storing it in the freezer.

8. I used the whole package of strawberry jello.

I’m so glad I finally tried out this recipe! I will likely make this time and time again. Hope you enjoy!



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