Chocolate Cream Pie

Chocolate Cream Pie

My dad requested Chocolate Cream Pie for Father’s Day. I usually don’t like to make things for the first time for someone else. I need a trial run. Especially pies that have to set right!!!! But I didn’t want to try this one first and then end up with two pies, so I just decided to go for it.

I used this recipe to start from and I listed my notes below!

Recipe Notes:

– I used store bought pie crust and saved my egg whites to brush the crust so it wouldn’t get soggy!

– I used half milk chocolate baking chips instead of all dark chocolate.

– My pudding was thickened almost completely after the 2 minute cook time. Be careful you don’t microwave it too long!

– I made my whipped cream “weep proof” by taking a tablespoon of plain gelatin, dissolving it in a tablespoon of water and microwaving it to smooth it out, and mixing it into the whipped cream. This should ensure the cream does not begin to run after a day or so.

Otherwise, I followed the recipe exactly and my pie set beautifully! This is definitely a good Chocolate Cream Pie recipe to start off with of you haven’t made one before like me.

Happy baking!



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