Pumpkin Vanilla Chai Cupcakes

Pumpkin Vanilla Chai Cupcakes

It’s Fall y’all! (Ok, I know that was cheesy). I was really feeling the fall spirit this weekend and decided to make 2 different Fall treats: an old favorite and these yummy cupcakes. My old favorite is this bread from Baking with Josh & Ange. It is always moist, yummy, and easy! The only edit I made this time around was removing the cinnamon since my mom is allergic.

However, the cupcakes were a different ball game all together! They were quite the endeavor (over multiple days); however, the flavor is unlike anything I’ve tasted before. They were a delicious vanilla/ pumpkin/ chai combination. The frosting is also delicious – tastes like brown sugar and butter. So if you’re like me and are looking for a unique Fall treat that is a bit of a challenge, look no further!

Since I followed the recipe from Half Baked Harvest, I’m just going to link to it here.

Couple of notes…

  • Make sure you only mix half of your spice mixture with the 1/3 cup of sugar – I had to make it twice
  • Keep an eye on the cupcakes baking, I think I slightly overbaked mine. Bake for 18 min and then watch very carefully for the tops to set.
  • If you choose to put the frosting base in the fridge like I did, you’ll need at least 30-40 minutes for it to cool.

Happy baking!


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