Apple Cider Pound Cake

Apple Cider Pound Cake

This pound cake is the epitome of fall. Apples, ciders, spices, streusel… what more could you ask for?! This recipe actually makes mini pound cakes, but mini loaf pans are hard to find around me, so I made do and ended up with two extra regular sized loaves as well!

I followed this recipe from Southern Living pretty much exactly, but I made some notes below.

  • I did not have apple pie spice, so I used cinnamon and nutmeg instead. I also pretty much doubled what the recipe called for.
  • I made 10 mini loaves and 2 regular sized loaves by doubling the recipe.
  • The streusel linked in the recipe did not work out well for me. There didn’t seem to be correct ratios. My favorite streusel is from this coffee cake recipe. If I made this again, I would try this streusel. Make sure when you add your streusel it is cold!
  • I baked the mini loaves for around 35 minutes and the regular sized loaves for around 45 minutes

You should definitely try these! Hope you enjoy.



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