How to Dry Flowers

Recently, I found myself with a beautiful arrangement of flowers I just could not bring myself to throw away. They were beautiful, but also sentimental. I’ve pressed flowers before, but to be honest, I have no idea where those ended up. So this time, I decided to try drying the flowers out, so I could…Continue reading »

Designer Bouquets at Grocery Store Prices

Happy Wednesday y’all! Congrats on making it halfway to the weekend. I’m super excited to share this blog today (do I say that every week?!) because if I’m being honest, my dream job would have something to do with flowers. Just ask my husband… I ask him once a week if we can start a…Continue reading »

My Patio Plants

If you are interested in growing plants on your patio, this is the post for you! Today, I’m going to round-up all the plants I’ve been growing (both successfully and unsuccessfully) out on my patio to give you a better idea about what plants may work for your small garden space! Vegetables & Herbs Potatoes…Continue reading »


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