How to Easily Transform Old Furniture with Chalk Paint

How to Easily Transform Old Furniture with Chalk Paint

Hey friends! This week has been quite the wild ride, so it feels like it’s been forever since I posted here. My husband and I both got sick with COVID-19 right before New Years, so of course, we embarked on our 10 day quarantine. While I was initially grateful for the time to rest, as soon as I started feeling better, I started to go stir crazy and look for house projects. In fact, I think we’ve all been through this season with quarantine!

Don’t get me wrong, I did a fair share of Cricut-ing during this time too. In case you’re curious, here are some of my projects with vinyl stickers…

But! Today, I’m writing about something a little different. I think it’s important to callout before we start… I am a very much a rookie at DIY-ing furniture. I can easily count on one hand the number of pieces I’ve tackled. However, maybe you are like me and are really intimidated to try and paint or transform a piece of furniture. Well fear no more, we are going to tackle this together!

I had this old shelf in our spare bedroom – the room that is quickly becoming my husband’s “man cave”. The man cave is full of all-things Pittsburgh sports and the furniture follows that masculine theme. Well, everything except this bookshelf. It’s an old shelf that I had in my room as a kid and is really sturdy. It just looks like it’s been well-loved, because it has! So I had a dream that I could paint this guy black to match the rest of the room… Well folks we did it.

Here are the materials I used…

  • Chalk Paint – Now, I know what you’re thinking. This paint does NOT come out like a chalkboard (where you can write on it with chalk). You can definitely buy paint like that, if that’s what you’re looking for. However, chalk paint requires no prep work for most surfaces! You heard me right, no prep! If you were going to paint a piece of furniture with other types of paint, you would typically need to sand to remove the original seal, prime, and then paint. Well chalk paint goes right on without all the other work needed! It typically comes out very matte and a little chalky, so you’ll need something to seal it to make it smoother/ glossy. Here is the kind of chalk paint that I purchased – I had over half a bottle left though of the 16oz bottle for this shelf, so hope that helps you pick out the right size.
  • Wax Seal – Once your paint is dry, you’ll want to seal it with wax to “future proof” it. Folk Art also makes a wax here, but I used a different brand that was on clearance at Michael’s – I love a deal. Note: Never fear, I went to Michael’s after my quarantine was over, I ordered most of this on Amazon.
  • Paint brushes that fit your project – For my shelf, I used a small paint roller (like this one) for the larger surfaces and then a small wooden paint brush for the tight spaces. However, I wish I had used a foam brush (like this one) opposed to the wooden one, since the wooden paint brush made streaks in some places.
  • Paint roller tray – I used a plastic tray to pour my paint in (like this), since the lid of the paint bottle is small. This helped me get an even finish with the roller. Technically, this is a tray liner, but fine for the small amount of paint you are using here.

Let me share what I did…

  • Before you start… You’ll want to prep your workspace. I cut 2 trash bags open and taped them together to put my shelf on while I painted. Chalk paint doesn’t have strong odors or fumes, so it’s safe to use inside. Plus it is cold out!
  • First, I cleaned the shelf thoroughly by wiping it down with water and dish soap. You don’t want any loose particles or dust floating around.
  • Next, I poured small increments of my black paint in my paint tray and started applying it with my paint roller. I found the black was VERY forgiving and went on easily. However, it did seem to go on more evenly when the roller was covered in paint from the tray first. I had considered doing a 2nd coat of black paint, but quickly realized I didn’t need one. If you are using a white paint or lighter color, you’ll likely need a 2nd coat.
  • Then, I let the shelf dry overnight and applied the wax the same way the next day. However, next time, I will let the shelf dry longer before applying the wax because I noticed paint coming off in some places where I used the wooden paint brush to apply the wax. The roller didn’t seem to ruin the coat of paint underneath though – so I proceeded with that.
  • Finally, you just let the wax dry and you are done! The wax I used recommended not putting any weight on the furniture for 7 days, so I’ll wait to put my books back on it until then.

Seriously, this was SO easy! Have you had other chalk paint successes? I would love to hear!


I Just Got a Cricut – Now What?

I Just Got a Cricut – Now What?

As I’ve been hinting on our Instagram… I am now a part of the Cricut machine owner club! This may be the best Christmas gift I’ve ever received, really the possibilities are endless. However… as soon as I pulled the machine out of the box, I was instantly overwhelmed. With great power certainly comes great responsibility. The goal of this post is really to give you an introduction into Cricut and give some tips I learned through completing my first couple of projects. Really, I need some friends to go on this Cricut journey with 🙂

What is a Cricut?

Maybe you’re like my husband and have no clue what a Cricut machine even is… Long story short, a Cricut is a crafters dream machine. It is a “printer” that allows you to create designs and then cut those designs into various materials (EX: cardstock, vinyl for stickers/ iron ons, and even leather). Honestly, I think Cricut is solely to blame for the monogram-everything phase we all went through (and still are in). Cricut made creating special designs accessible for mere mortals like me.

Beginners Tips

Like I mentioned earlier, while there are so many options for what to create with the Cricut, I was pretty overwhelmed. Here are some things I learned out of the gate…

  • You will need some extra Cricut tools to get started: Here is the pack of tools I have and they have been perfect to use. Mainly, you will use them for “weeding” (separating out your design from the “extra”) and placing stickers. You also need these Cricut adhesive cutting mats to print your designs on.
  • Start small: I follow some crafters on Instagram that are doing some CRAZY things with their Cricuts. It’s easy to look at them and get overwhelmed trying to tackle the world out of the gate. My advice… Start simple. I went to Walmart, bought a value pack of various colors of Cricut brand vinyl, and just started experimenting.
  • YouTube is a GREAT resource: There are tons of crafters that have created life-saving videos walking you through every step of the Cricut process. Here are some of the searches I used: “unboxing Cricut Explorer”, “Creating vinyl stickers for beginners on Cricut”, “How to use heat transfer vinyl with a ome iron”, etc. As I completed my first projects, I was able to follow experts step by step!
  • Etsy and Pinterest will be your best friends: You might be asking… What would I even make on a Cricut? Well I’ve found a lot of inspiration from Etsy and Pinterest! As I’ve gotten more familiar with the machine, the more I’m saying to myself, “you know, I could make that!”. One other tip: If you want to make a sticker/ iron-on of a more complex design you can actually buy SVG files of the design on Etsy for instant download (usually for a couple of bucks). Then you can import that into the Cricut Design Space (the computer/ phone app that lets you create designs), and voila! There are also SVG downloads for Starbucks cup wraps, cute seasonal designs, and all kinds of characters. In fact, I think this might be my next project!
  • Getting free fonts is super easy!: I’m a huge fan of the farmhouse look/ feel, so naturally I was looking for the perfect calligraphy font. You can actually go to and download all kinds of fonts for free! I even searched for a video on YouTube: “How to download new fonts into Cricut Design Space” for help importing them. It ended up being super easy. The only thing is… Most fonts you have to purchase the license to use it on items you plan to sell. If you are just using the fonts for personal use, they are free.
  • Only “Weld” if you are ready to print: Now, this is a little specific to Cricut users, but make sure to ONLY “weld” the design together if you are ready to print, since you can NOT “unweld”. Also, make sure to “weld” any calligraphy words before printing because otherwise your letters get cut individually, even if they are touching.

And finally, here is how my first projects turned out! (Nanny and PaPa… If you are reading this, don’t scroll any further 🙂 – I’m about to share a picture of your Christmas gifts that I haven’t given you yet!)

Happy crafting!


DIY Beeswax Candles

DIY Beeswax Candles

This past summer, I got a whim to learn how to make candles. My uncle keeps bees, and I mentioned to my mom that I would use the beeswax if they didn’t. Well one day when I was at my Grandma’s house, my uncle walked in with two tubs of beeswax! You’d think I was a kid on Christmas morning. I promptly bought all the things I needed to get ready to make my own candles.

Fast forward SIX MONTHS and I finally did it! It was way easier than I expected and if I come into some beeswax this summer I definitely won’t wait so long!

What You’ll Need

Beeswax (I used 4 cups)

Coconut oil (I used 1 cup)

Essential oils

Wicks and wick stabilizer (like clothespins)


Double boiler or heat safe dish


Prepare your jars – remove all lids and place wicks in center of the bottom, using clothespins to secure. Line them up near the stove with wax paper or aluminum foil underneath for easy cleanup.

Bring water to boil in large pot and place a heat safe dish (such as a Pyrex 4 cup measuring cup) in the center. You could also use a double boiler.

Filter your beeswax if unfiltered. I got mine from my uncle, so I needed to filter it. Do this by melting it in a saucepan and pouring into prepared heat proof dish (Pyrex dish from above step) over a small strainer.

Rinse your sauce pan used to melt your beeswax and melt your coconut oil in it. Once melted, pour the coconut oil into the Pyrex dish with the beeswax. Mix the wax and oil together and add 1-2 small jars of the essential oil you prefer.

Quickly pour your wax into prepared jars as it will cook quickly. If wick has shifted upon pouring the wax, immediately arrange it back to the correct position and secure with clothespin.


If you get beeswax on your jars, try to clean it off immediately!

Start this process with a clean sink so you do not get wax on other dishes. Rinse/wash your dishes immediately after use.

Let your candles harden for at least an hour and cut your wick a quarter inch above the top of the candle.

Beeswax does not hold scent very well, but the coconut oil should help. Do not expect these ca does to throw scent like Bath & Body Works.

While I got beeswax from my uncle, you could buy filtered beeswax from Amazon. I also bought my wicks from Amazon.

If you’re into DIY, you gotta try this one!



I Decorated for Christmas!

I Decorated for Christmas!

I know, I know, it isn’t Thanksgiving yet. However, with the kind of year we are having, I knew it was time to put up my Christmas decorations. As many of you know, my husband and I bought a house this past January, so this is our first Christmas in our house. Well, I had the best time at Hobby Lobby yesterday picking out the remainder of our Christmas decorations and wanted to share some finds.

Hobby Lobby tends to rotate through which sections are 50% off every week. This past week, ALL of their Christmas items were 50% off! Typically, that means their Christmas items will not be on sale next week, but the following week they will be back to 50% off. You can check the sales and find a 40% off coupon on a single item (in case there is an item you need that’s not on sale) here.

Let’s start with my front door. I loved how this came together!

  • Wreath: I found this at Home Depot (battery-powered lights on a timer) for $40. It was a little pricey, so I’ll keep you posted on how it holds up.
  • Mat: Found at Target last year; however, just found this one and it is only $10! So cute. It looks like they have a lot of options for less than $10.
  • Sign: I have been on the hunt for one of these! Found this one at Hobby Lobby for $25 after 50% off! it is reversible and the back says “JOY”. I was so proud of this. I cannot find the exact one online, but they had several options in the store.

Next, I found a couple trinkets for the entrance of my house. Here are some of my favorites.

  • Merry Christmas sign: This sign is so cute, and for $6.50, you can’t go wrong.
  • Mini spruce: I wish I had bought more of these – I love the way they look with the signs I have. The one I bought is $5 and there are other sizes too if you are looking for smaller or larger.
  • “All I want for Christmas…”: I think I chuckled in the Hobby Lobby aisle when I saw this one. It’s pretty small, but is great if you need a little Christmas touch. For $3, you can’t beat it.
  • Joy sign: Again, this sign is another $5 find. It is actually a decent size too for the price!

Lastly, I wanted to share a couple of my finds for my Christmas tree and “mantle”.

  • Dog stocking: I couldn’t believe it when I saw Hobby Lobby had a dedicated section for dog stockings! This is the one I got, but they have a bunch of others – $5 too! Unfortunately, our other stockings were from Hobby Lobby last year and they don’t have them anymore. Moral of the story… Buy more stockings than you need.
  • Ornaments: I am pretty sentimental about ornaments, but if I just put the few sentimental ones we have on our tree, it would look pretty bare. So… the best thing I’ve gotten are mini ball ornaments to “fill in the gaps” where there are holes. Hobby Lobby has a big pack here for $2.50.
  • More ornaments: As you guys know, I love Disney. My favorite ornament is one we got at Disney World last year and it is a snow globe with Mickey and Minnie inside. While the ornaments aren’t cheap, they are beautiful. Check this out because Shop Disney is having buy 2, get 1 free sale on ornaments right now.

I would love to hear your other Christmas finds! Make sure to share with us in the comments or on our Instagram.

Merry (almost) Christmas 😉

How to Dry Flowers

How to Dry Flowers

Recently, I found myself with a beautiful arrangement of flowers I just could not bring myself to throw away. They were beautiful, but also sentimental. I’ve pressed flowers before, but to be honest, I have no idea where those ended up. So this time, I decided to try drying the flowers out, so I could continue to use them as a bouquet for decoration. Now that I’ve seen how simple it is to do this, I will probably have my entire house decorated with dried florals before long!

  1. Remove leaves from the flower stems.
  2. Gather your flowers into smaller bunches.
  3. Tie twine or wrap rubber bands around your bunches. You do not want to have this so tight it will leave a mark on the flower, but if you use twine, keep in mind that your flowers will shrink as they dry. If you use twine, leave a length of the string to tie the bunch up to hang. If you use rubber bands, attach twine or string to the rubber band to tie the bunch up to hang.
  4. Tie the flowers up to hang in a dry place. I hung mine in my laundry closet (pictured below), but you could use a pantry, a closet, etc.
  5. Let the flowers hang for three to four weeks. You should be able to tell by touch when they have dried out.
  6. Spray your dried flowers generously with hair spray to avoid breakage.
  7. Arrange to your liking. Note: When arranging, you will make a mess. Be prepared!

Voila! Super simple and a great way to decorate for fall. Also, opening my laundry closet and seeing these guys was a nice perk.

Hope you enjoy your dried florals and perhaps the memories that accompany them for years to come.



How to Paint Denim Jackets

How to Paint Denim Jackets

I love a good jean jacket. So much so that I own five… Is that too many? Actually, don’t answer that. There’s so many different styles of jean jackets and there’s so many different ways to wear them. Because I own so (some would say too) many, I thought it would be useful and fun to learn to paint them!

I recommend starting by deciding on a design. That will determine what materials/paint colors you need.


Denim Jacket

Fabric Paint – I used Tulip

Fabric Pen – optional, depends on design; I used Tulip

Barrier – piece of cardboard, paper or plastic bag, etc.

Paint brushes – any smaller, finer tip brushes should work


1. Start by laying your denim jacket flat with the barrier underneath.

2. Use a pencil to lightly sketch out your design. This will mainly help you with spacing and your paint will completely cover it.

3. Begin painting! You can take several different approaches, but the main point is to get two layers of paint down and let it dry for 24 hours. My approach was as follows:

  • Paint first coat of main design.
  • Paint second coat of main design after first coat dries.
  • Outline main design with fabric pen after second coat dries.
  • Touch up main design paint.
  • Paint first coat of secondary design.
  • Paint second coat of secondary design after first coat dries.

4. Once you are finished painting, allow the paint to dry for at least 24 hours. Some sites tell you to wash the denim before wear and others don’t, so it’s your preference.

Note: When using a fabric pen, keep it straight up and down to keep it from bleeding or brushing the sides of the pen against the fabric. Also, pull fabric taut when using the fabric pen.

That’s it, y’all! It’s that simple. In total, it probably took me two hours to paint this jacket. Totally worth it in my opinion! I painted this jacket for my niece’s second birthday, so stay tuned because I’m super happy with how this turned out and will likely paint one for myself soon!



Tips for New Puppies

Tips for New Puppies

Is it just me or is everyone getting a new puppy these days? With everyone working from home, travel slowing down, and plans being cancelled, now is the perfect time to welcome a new furry pup into your home! My family is no exception.

My husband and I got our pup right before everything shut down.. Little did we know what good timing that would be! Zeke (who isn’t so little anymore) will be 8 months in a couple weeks and has been such a fun addition to our family! He is a F1 Goldendoodle (Mom was a Golden Retriever and Dad was a Standard Poodle) and is going to be between 60-70 lbs. He is at about 50 lbs now.

However, when we first brought him home, I had NO idea what I was doing. The first couple months were hard as we figured out crate training (or lack thereof), potty training, sleep schedules, food types, best toys for teething, etc. There was a lot of trial and error along the way. I would’ve loved for someone to tell me, “Ok here is what you will need and need to know” – which is what I’m hoping to share here! So maybe you’re thinking about your own “quaran-puppy” or are just curious about what is required to have a puppy of your own – you’re in the right place.

Favorite Products

There have been several products that have been life-changing for us. Here are some of my favorites…

  • Kong Dog Toy: This has been the BEST toy we’ve gotten Zeke. He is a chewer and tends to destroy most toys we buy him; however, the Kong has really endured the test of time. They are great for keeping your dogs busy when you leave them home alone or have company over and need a distraction. They have many sizes: from puppies to extra large dogs, so you can ensure you’re getting the perfect size for your pup. Kongs have a hole in the middle for putting treats and other goodies for your pup to dig out. Zeke’s winning combo is a little kibble, peanut butter, and a couple small treats! You can also freeze them so that it takes your pup a bit longer to “clean it out”. Other ideas include yogurt, chicken broth, bananas, etc. to keep things interesting.
  • Benebone Durable Dental Dog Chew Toy: It was pretty obvious to us when Zeke really started teething. He was biting anything in sight: pillows, our hands, blankets, etc. We bought him several chew toys that he literally shredded and we realized that we really needed something durable and good for his teeth. The trainer of a puppy class we attended recommended the Benebone and it has been a lifesaver! He has chewed on it for months and it still looks like we just bought it. However, I don’t think I would give this to a brand new little puppy. We bought these rings when we first brought Zeke home and he still loves them! They are a better option for really little guys until they grow into the Benebone. I’ve also heard good things about Nylabones (adding this to my Amazon cart now), if you are looking for other options.
  • Slow Feeder Dog Bowl: We noticed pretty quickly that Zeke eats his food at lightning speed. He would eat so quickly and then almost choke because he wasn’t chewing every piece. Our vet recommended a slow feeder bowl and it’s been a great purchase for us. It has slowed Zeke’s eating down and has created some mental stimulation. We have the “blue notch” one and it is really sturdy and cute!
  • PetSafe Easy Walk Dog Harness: This is probably not a surprise to anyone, but Zeke goes a little crazy on walks. I quickly realized that we needed something we could “control” him with that wouldn’t choke him, like his collar. I’ve really liked this harness! In fact, I’ve bought 3 already – since you will need to buy new sizes as your pup grows. My one note of caution, since Zeke is a chewer, if he is just sitting still in his harness, he will sneakily chew it. He tore through one of them and half way through a second one. Even so, I would definitely recommend this harness – just keep an eye on your pup if you leave it on a bit after your walk.
  • ROAD iD Pet ID: I know some people do not like the “jingle” of dog collars when their pet is moving throughout their house. We found this Pet ID as a really cool alternative to a standard dog collar, and even has room for more lines of text. Also… their engraving is guaranteed for life! This tag looks really sleek on Zeke’s collar and I have more confidence that people will be able to find us if we lose him because of the additional info. This is definitely one to check out!
  • Collars and Leashes: We got this leash from Amazon and it has been great. You cannot beat the price either. The rope has been really durable – even through Zeke chewing on it and I really like the doggy bag holder on it too (we buy refills at TJ Maxx). Also, Zeke has this collar from Petco – they have a bunch of other super heroes too! I get compliments on it all the time. Of course, I had to buy a Disney collar! I bought the matching leash, but Zeke chewed through it pretty quickly, so I would skip that one.

General Tips

  • First… cut yourself some slack! The first couple months we had Zeke, we completely failed at crate training him. He was just NOT into his crate, and honestly, I felt like a complete “Dog Mom” failure. The reality is… All you can do is what you think is best for you and your puppy! Do that and don’t worry about meeting everyone’s expectations.
  • Socialize your pups early! Since we got Zeke right as everything was shutting down, we had a really tough time finding other dogs for him to meet/ play with. By the time our dog park opened back up and Zeke had all of his shots, he was terrified of other dogs. Finally, after slowly introducing him to other dogs over the course of a couple months, he is now comfortable playing with them. So 2 thoughts here: Try to find other vaccinated pets for your pup to meet early on and don’t worry if at first they don’t succeed. Puppies can learn!
  • Walks cover a multitude of sins. Zeke has a ton of energy, all of the time. We found that if we take him on 2 short walks or 1 long walk per day, he is MUCH better behaved. Tired puppies = well-behaved puppies. If your puppy is a bit destructive or misbehaved, try additional walks or additional time on walks.
  • Expose early and reinforce brave behavior. Early on, Zeke was scared of thunderstorms and loud noises (basically everything). I found that when he didn’t bark or cry, if I reinforced with “good boy” and treats, he would stop all together. I’ve found that if he feels like I’ve got his back, he is much braver. Home Depot was a great outing early on too for exposure to people and loud noises!

All in all… Having Zeke has been the best part about quarantine. Don’t get me wrong, he is a lot of work and there have been a lot of failures, but I wouldn’t trade him for the world. So if you have a new puppy… Hang in there! It gets better! And if you are thinking about getting one… it’s a lot of work but it is worth it!

I would love to hear any of your tips and favorite products too. Share in the comments below…


Designer Bouquets at Grocery Store Prices

Designer Bouquets at Grocery Store Prices

Happy Wednesday y’all! Congrats on making it halfway to the weekend. I’m super excited to share this blog today (do I say that every week?!) because if I’m being honest, my dream job would have something to do with flowers. Just ask my husband… I ask him once a week if we can start a flower farm.

So today I’m sharing my “recipe” to create a designer style bouquet. It’s pretty simple and fool-proof! I was originally inspired by Erin at Floret Flowers, but she has quite a few more resources than I do. This method is adapted to accommodate those of us without hundreds of acres of blooms to choose from. I bought all my flowers from Kroger, and I was very impressed by their assortment of not just focal flowers like lilies, but also greenery and “filler” flowers. I know that Costco is well-known for their flower assortment, too, but you should be able to follow this method for any grocery store.

Part 2. I am updating this post in February 2021 after my most recent bouquet creation! this second time around I spent exactly $20 at Publix and made a bouquet that would likely go for $40+ at boutique places. I used orange Catawba flowers as my focal flowers, baby’s breath as my filler, stock flowers for my layers, and spray roses and mini carnations for my fillers.

Aug 2020
Feb 2021

Types of Flowers to Buy

1. Greenery/Layers

I bought one bunch of fern sprays, but Kroger had eucalyptus bunches and a few other choices.

If you don’t have greenery as an option at your grocery store, you could choose a taller kind of flower to give your bouquet dimension. In the peachy bouquet above, I used stock flowers which are reminiscent of snapdragons.

2. Airy Flowers

I bought one bunch of purple “filler” flowers, which included Statice, Caspia, and Lavender. I was very impressed that Kroger carried this, but a good option that I always see at Publix is Baby’s Breath.

These airy flowers take up space in your bouquet, but also add some dainty, smaller blooms and more texture to your look.

3. Secondary Flowers

I bought one bunch of white Euro Pompons, but you could get pretty creative at this step. Other flowers that I’ve seen in grocery stores that would work well here are Daisies, Chrysanthemums (my FAVE), or Carnations. If you want to make a larger bouquet, you could also buy two different types of flowers.

The key here is to get disc like flowers that are smaller than your focal flowers and larger than your airy flowers.

For the peachy bouquet above, I actually grabbed two different types. I used spray roses and mini carnations.

4. Focal Flowers

I bought one bunch of white Lilies (three stems with three blooms each), but many other flowers would work here, such as Sunflowers, Roses, and Hydrangeas. This flower should be larger than your secondary flowers.


1. Start with your focal flower. This will likely have multiple blooms on one stem. If you are using something like a sunflower, that only has one bloom per stem, use 2-3 stems.

2. Fill in the gaps between blooms with your airy flowers. Extend these stems up to 4 inches above your focal flower. I used 2-3 stems for each bouquet.

3. Insert 2-3 stems of secondary flowers around the perimeter of your bouquet. You may also fill in any obvious gaps with a stem. These should be at the same level as your focal flower.

4. When adding greenery, you can do one of two things depending on what look you want to achieve:

For a completely circular bouquet (good for centerpieces), add 3-4 stems of greenery around the perimeter of your bouquet.

For a bouquet with a flat side (good for displaying against a wall or holding), add 3-4 stems of greenery to one side of your bouquet. If you use Lilies, they will likely be facing a certain direction. Add your greenery to the side they are not facing.

If you are not using greenery but instead a taller flower, add it into your perimeter as you would the above flowers.

5. Repeat the above steps until you are out of flowers.

6. Once you have completed your bouquet, make small tweaks such as raising your focal flowers so they really stand out, and adjusting any crazy sprays from the airy flowers.

7. Cut the stems to your desired level and add a rubber band. Wrap 2-3 in of the stems with twine for extra support. Add water and flower food to a vase and display your bouquet.

8. Change water as necessary.

Aug 2020

Quick side note: for a more refined, less boho look, try removing the leaves from your flower stems.

I spent just under $25 for the flowers listed above. Considering I got three bouquets out of this, I probably saved at least another $25, if not more.

You can mix up the kinds of flowers you buy and try different combinations, but if you follow the above “recipe” you should be able to get a designer look every time! With the flowers I purchased, I ended up with three smaller sized bouquets. You could easily adjust to make two medium sized bouquets, or one very large bouquet. The same method applies! I really don’t think I will purchase another bouquet again. Not only does this save a ton of money, you can customize each bouquet and add your own personal touch. It’s a win-win!



How I Bought My Patio Decor for $350!

How I Bought My Patio Decor for $350!

Hi friends! Today, we are talking bargain patio furniture/ decor. My husband and I bought a house earlier this year and are so fortunate to have a great deck/ outdoor space. We were eager to have friends over (especially social distancing/ sitting outside); however, I was super overwhelmed in trying to decorate the space on a budget. Maybe you’re in the same boat as me? Or maybe you’re redecorating a space on a budget? Here are some of my favorite finds…


Instead of buying more expensive furniture and then not having much money left to spend on other things, I opted for cheaper patio furniture options and spruced them up with decor.

My first purchase was a conversation set from Wayfair (link here). I chose this one because it had a lot of good reviews on Wayfair and I was able to snag it for $150 during one of Wayfair’s outdoor set sales. One other note is that I had a 10% off coupon that I was sent in the mail; however, you can usually find similar coupon codes online.

I will say… As I’ve used this furniture set, I’ve been less happy with it. The table came slightly damaged in the mail and the cracks have rusted as they’ve sat outside in the rain. Also, the chairs seem to trap water, rust, and then the orange water leaks out – which has stained our deck. This definitely wouldn’t be an issue if you were using this set on grass, concrete, or a brown-stained deck, but I haven’t been super thrilled with how it’s looked on our light grey deck stain.

Another furniture purchase I made was 2 “recline-able” folding chairs from Walmart (link here). They were $58 each, but I’ve been really happy with them! They do tend to hold water in the “cushions” so just be careful if you sit on it after a storm (it can be a bit deceiving). My only complaint here is that I think these 2 chairs should’ve been a bit cheaper, I’m not sure they are worth their $58 price tag.

I may buy some additional chairs for the deck and if so, I’ll probably opt for these chairs from Walmart (link here) as they are a bit cheaper – $30! I’ve seen a similar chair at Home Depot as well for $19.99 (link here), but these don’t come in black.


This was the fun part! I started out with purchasing 4 pillows from the Pottery Barn Outlet in Dawsonville, GA. These were a bit on the pricier side, but I had some points. They ended up being $35 for 4 pillows (which I know is cheating a bit). However! The PB Outlet has some great deals on furniture/ decor. Next, I purchased 2 more pillows (“Early Bird”/ “Night Owl”) from T.J. Maxx for $25.

My final purchase was the indoor/ outdoor rug from Martha Stewart Home. I also found this at T.J. Maxx for $50! I really thought this pulled the whole look together and brightened up the dark black furniture.

Have you found some great deals on patio furniture? I would love to hear in the comments/ on our Instagram @yumsandmums!